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composer, producer, guitarist, music educator

Often working in the intersection between sound art and music, Jamie is known for his ability to bring a sound world vividly to life, be that as part of a music project, film score or even his own unique immersive audio projects such as the sonic novel, 'Notes from a Tremulous Hand'.

Jamie studied with many leading British experimental musicians, most notably Gavin Bryars, and in a varied career has composed music for theatre, dance (Akram Khan), short films, animation, TV and radio, as well as hundreds of purely musical projects, most notable avant punk trio Misterlee. He works as composer, producer and mixer, making immersive, detailed and spacious records with exciting recording artist from Scotland and beyond.  

Driven by a desire to find the most direct means of connecting a performer to their audience, he brings his passionate and creative approach to record making to every project, large or small.

Since 2011 Jamie has co- owned and run St. Mary’s Space with his wife, Charlotte. The studio is a creative hub attracting artists from far and wide, being both a peaceful refuge from our increasingly mad world and an intensely creative environment dedicated to art and music.

Jamie's music productions are regularly hear on national radio and television, most recently on 6 music, Channel 4, BBC2, ITV and let's not forget Channel 5!

Recent production work includes...

Notes from a Tremulous Hand - a Sonic Novel, Jamie Smith & the Occulting Orchestra, feat. Kathryn Joseph, Mr McFall's Chamber, Shuna Scott Sendall, Lee Allatson (composer, producer and mixer)

Echoes of Appin, Deborah Templeton Feat. Kelly Macdonald (composer, sound designer, mixer)

Winter of Discontent, Knomad Spock (co-composer, producer & mixer)

Gaol (love), Rachel Walker (co-producer & mixer)

Tundra, co-composed with James Gray (producer & mixer)

Sand, Silt, Flint, Fiona Soe Paing (mixer in progress)

'Jamie's guitaring is a phenomenon to behold, an exercise in controlled passion... The contrast between power and restraint is a detail in a much bigger picture.  Frequent stylistic switches sometimes read as jolting or stilted, sometimes as swerves in the enigmatic but ordered flight of the bumble bee.  For all the swerves and switchbacks, the guitar breezes jazz and drips sweet blues.'

'Jamie’s guitar creates a warm southern comfort sound of picking and thrumming, and flocks of feathering that see hands moving too fast to focus on.'  Opposition T

Smith's guitar … creates sounds that seem to come from another universe. Brave and exhilarating stuff here...recommended to any who prefers guitars that sound as if they come from Mars.' ~ Paul Kerr,  americana-uk.com

‘Misterlee … in fruitful collaboration with guitar virtuoso Jamie Smith... Jamie's guitar playing is simply incredible, jolting from the blissful to the nerve-frayingly-fractured as if the strings were struggling with bi-polar disorder...The final product is a record in which various different music genres, such as punk, spoken word, folk and noise, bleed into one another and then coagulate into something extraordinary.' ~ Jonathan Mathews, Thefourohfive