guitarist. composer. recording engineer. music educator

'Jamie's guitaring is a phenomenon to behold, an exercise in controlled passion... The contrast between power and restraint is a detail in a much bigger picture.  Frequent stylistic switches sometimes read as jolting or stilted, sometimes as swerves in the enigmatic but ordered flight of the bumble bee.  For all the swerves and switchbacks, the guitar breezes jazz and drips sweet blues.'

'Jamie’s guitar creates a warm southern comfort sound of picking and thrumming, and flocks of feathering that see hands moving too fast to focus on.'  Opposition T

Smith's guitar … creates sounds that seem to come from another universe. Brave and exhilarating stuff here...recommended to any who prefers guitars that sound as if they come from Mars.' ~ Paul Kerr,  americana-uk.com


composer. recording engineer. music educator

Jamie is a musician, recording engineer and music educator.  Since 1991 he has worked in the intersection between experimentalism, improvisation and left-field rock and pop and has collaborated with hundreds of amazing artists and musicians, filmmakers, dancers and performers, including Akram Khan, Gavin Bryars, Paul Dunmall and Misterlee.

He brings his passion and knowledge to every project, large or small.

Jamie completed his BA in Music and performing arts at DMU where he  studied with many leading British experimental musicians, including composers Gavin Bryars, Dave Smith, Chris Hobbs and Andrew Hugill.  He has composed music for live theatre, dance (including internationally celebrated dancer Akram Khan) short films and animation.  As founder member of the Birmingham Improvisers’ Orchestra, avant punk trio Misterlee and kamikaze cabaret 2 gentlemen play the pops, he played hundreds of show in venues as diverse as the Barbican (London), Knitting Factory (NYC) and Hallaton bottle kicking festival (medieval England).  He performed in one of the first British performances of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 musicians and has participated in several masterclasses including those led by free jazz legend Tony Oxley and sound artist Bill Fontana.

Since 2011 Jamie has owned and run St. Mary’s Space, a boutique art space and recording studio in the Scottish west highlands. In 2016 he worked with award winning filmmaker Philip Price on a film called ‘The Hunt’, creating the sound design and music for what we think is the first 360° VR wildlife film. Jamie has had several projects funded by the Arts Council, Creative Scotland and is currently working on ‘Notes from  a Tremulous Hand’, a 3D sonic novel funded by Creative Scotland.  

He has taught guitar privately for over twenty years and held lecturing posts at Leicester college and DMU and currently lectures sound production at UHI.

Pulsations - Jamie Smith
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Organ failure/fanfare from Uranus - Jamie Smith
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The Hushed Shore (binaural mix) - Jamie Smith
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music from 'The Hunt' - Jamie Smith
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music from 'The Midge' - Jamie Smith
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Misterlee (rubber czech records)
Adolf Hitler - Misterlee
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The Stags of Schiphol - Misterlee
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Little Man - Misterlee
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The Easy Apple - Misterlee
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Bottle Up - Misterlee
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‘Misterlee … in fruitful collaboration with guitar virtuoso Jamie Smith... Jamie's guitar playing is simply incredible, jolting from the blissful to the nerve-frayingly-fractured as if the strings were struggling with bi-polar disorder...The final product is a record in which various different music genres, such as punk, spoken word, folk and noise, bleed into one another and then coagulate into something extraordinary.' ~ Jonathan Mathews, Thefourohfive


2016 - now -  wrote, composed and produced ‘Notes from a Tremulous Hand’, 3D sonic novel (funded by Creative Scotland)

2015 composed music and 3D sound design for The Hunt, VR film, dir. Philip Price (funded by Honeycomb-creative works)

2014 composed and recorded music for The View of Eagles, film, dir. Philip Price

North Face

2011 - 14 renovating building to create St. Mary’s Space (arts space and recording studio).

2010 performer & co-producer of Misterlee album This Disquiet Dog, 2010, Rubber Czech Records

2010 Composed, performed & recorded music for The Midge, a 10 min CG/live-action horror short. Prod. Once Were Farmers, dir. Rory Lowe.

2010 Composed & recorded music for Mondo's Search for the Sun, 11 min mixed media animation.  Prod. Once Were Farmers, dir. Jana Prchalova

2009 Performed & recorded album Live at the Glucksman Gallery. Cork with Paul Dunmall (sax), Mark Sanders (drums) & Han-earl Park (guitar).

2008 Composed & recorded music for Terrafarmer, sci-fi animation, prod. Once Were Farmers.

2008 Composed, performed & recorded The Compass & the Craft for guitar orchestra & percussion.

2007 Performed and recorded album In Lubenham with Bruce Coates

2007~2011 with Lee Allatson as stunt cabaret duo Two Gentlemen Play the Pops.

2005 Misterlee album This is not a Lifestyle sNadwich, Rubber Czech records.

2005 founder member of Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra, with whom I performed many concerts at venues such as the CBSO centre.

2003 music for dancer Sally Doughty, East Midlands Arts

2001~2011 Guitarist with avant-rock trio Misterlee (with Lee Allatson and Mick Oxtoby).  Toured UK many times & NYC in 2005

1999 various works for rReverb dance company, funded by East Midlands Arts.

1999 The Origins of Zero for mixed ensemble, private commission by Andy Coates

1998 Follow Me for viola, guitar and soprano sax, commissioned by New Works Festival

1997 wrote The Sinking of the MIdnight Mallard a play commissioned by New Works Festival

1997~99 member of free improvising trio Lusus Naturae (with Bruce Coates, Sax; Zo Sosinka, Viola)

1996 Composed & recorded two pieces for internationally acclaimed dancer Akram Khan.

1994 performed in Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich

Misterlee live
Misterlee live
with Damo Suzuki and sound carri


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